When Standard is not enough for you !

What we can do for you ?


Modelairplanes Jet & Prop

We make jet-airplanes in sport and scale jet & prop

We do livesize figures as well the base, lights and sound

Figures, Parts and Specials

We do figures, parts and specials by CAD, CNC and by hand


Prototypes / Cars / Specials

We make cars and special parts for them in carbon and fibre

Airbrush and paintwork

Airbrush and Paintjobs

We do airbrushwork and paintjobs on planes, cars and cycles

If you want us to build your dream, we can do the job.

if someone can do the job, be shure, we can.

We work on projects since a long time. We do modeling since 54 years, we do stickers and paintjobs since the 90´s and we do airplanes, raceplanes and jetplanes since 1999. So if you need some work done, we are shure we can build your dream.

You have a project you want to talk about ?

Well, no matter you need a airplane, a car or only a part wich we can create by hand or by computer.

We can print in SLA, SLS or PLA, we can offer you all stages of engeneering in CAD, CAM, 3D sculpting, printing, cutting and milling.

We can offer one single prototype as well serie production of your ideas.

Handlaminating epoxy and polyester, pu, molding, vacuumproduction for glas and carbonsandwichparts…. no limits.